Full Moon Graveyard Haunt -Trick r Treat  LbNA # 66025

Placed DateOct 16 2013
Location1454-1522 S 4th Street, Urbana, IL
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Aug 9 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 13 2015

Location: Mount Hope Cemetery, 1454-1522 S 4th St, off of Florida/Kirby Ave, Champaign/Urbana, IL GPS: 40.099198-88.231993

Directions: From Florida/Kirby Ave turn North onto Fourth Street. Turn on your right turn signal at the Adopt a Road sign...turn right through the two brick pillars...it is a very tight turn....so be careful.

Note: When I plant these boxes, I have to squeeze the air out of the bags, fold tightly, stuff into box, make sure the seal is not blocked by part of the zip lock bag. The boxes are small camouflaged “lock n lock” containers and two are screw top cylinder containers with no room for hitch hikers. Please refold as found, place back in box and re-hide how and exactly where found. Please make sure they are sealed tight.

Colors: black, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, dark blue, blue, black

Tools: Gloves, Ink Pad and Colored Inks, Pen, Stick or grabber tool, or kitchen/BBQ fork. I say this cause the boxes may slide further back into a cavern where you might not want to put your hands. I didn't see any poison ivy though.

Note: ( L ) means on your left. ( R ) means on your right.
Dress up in your BEST costume...cause Charlie and I are taking you on a Full Moon Graveyard Haunt - Trick r Treat. Whoooo knows what will happen...eeeeiiii. Charlie greets you with a wagging tail. He sits and gives you his paw shake, then goes back and noses into his treat bag, grabs three bags of candy with his teeth and gives you HIS candy. Then he jumps up and gives you a great big slurpy kiss. You can't turn it down and put it in your pocket. Boy Charlie, you are sure excited. Me too... OK then lets get started.

Box #1
Upon entering....Immediately park on side of the road across from Stevick Chingo Monument. You face the monument and say Trick r Treat. The ghost of Mrs.Stevick comes out of the monument and she is soooo glad to see you. She likes your costume and says your treat is on the left side behind the vase and corner of slab under some English Ivy. Wow....what a great treat, we'll need that, Hey Charlie...thanks for inviting us. We left thanking Mrs. Stevick too..

Charlie takes off with his nose to the ground hunting for candy and gives a wolf, wolf. In Charlie talk that means...follow me. Go past Hendricks(L), Larson(L). Turn L onto first road between two trees with Everette on the right. Go past Froehlick(L). Charlie …..stops at the tall yew hedge on the left AND barks. Face the fence and go to the large broken tree trunk with a small tree growing out of it. Facing the tree you yell “Trick r Treat smell my feet.” Just then Charlie starts showing his teeth and growling. Oh My Goodness... BIG trouble. You see a shadow running from the yew hedge to the tree. Charlie starts chasing it and it is growling too. OMG...ieeee what could it be? Pretty soon there is a flurry of growling, biting, and snapping and screaming.....oh I guess that is you screaming, eh?....he he. Anyway Charlie corners it at eye level, behind a stick in the hollow on the W side of the tree. Run for your life!!!!!!

Box #3
Running......like our lives depended on it we.... Go straight at Nathanial Lewis (L), past Pulliam (L), turn left at Walworth (L), Go past Burton, Cole. Turn left at Aden. Past Fenton(L), Burke(L). Turn left at Kelly. Go past Wagner, Earl & Lavada; Wagner, Oscar & Grace. Charlie …..Stops at Wagner(L) and Lasell(L). Oh boy...two for one. “Trick r Treat” you yell. Behind Wagner on the N side of the tree on the ground between the tree trunk and the cut off tree trunk under a piece of bark you hear a very very deep voice saying...”Yeeaahess what can I doooo for yooou”. “We want some candy, Pleeeaze”. The voice says “Are you willing to sell your SOUL for candy” All of us shakily say “Nooooooo.” The voice says “ I thought everyone would sell their SOUL for CHOCOLATE....are you suuuurrre????” Charlie starts whining and putting his tail between his legs. Oh oh, sorry...we gotta go, sir....FAST.

Box #4
Panting hard...Charlie puts his nose to the ground again and off we.... Go straight past Curtis(L), Kuhl(L), Ewin(L). Straight at intersection. Go past In Memory of Veterans of all Wars(R). Go past Kirk(L), Parkin(L), Jackson(L), Wascher(L), Roberts(L). Charlie...Stops at Bates(L). Suddenly In the ground cavern in the tree E of Bates covered with bark, wood we hear a whoosh and a roar and suddenly fire is coming out of the cavern. IEEEE Fire Fire....run, run.

Box #5
So far NO CANDY...boo hooo. Drooping our heads and Charlie moping along with his nose to the ground, we mosey on down the road and we.... Go past Brown(L), Grob(L), Libman(L). Turn right at the T..(Bernstein(R). Go past Cole(L), Pope(L), Bowles(L), Curtis(L), Johnson(L), Ward(L). Charlie...Stops at Jones(L) We wearily go look in the E side ground cavern West of Jones covered in wood pieces and weakly yell “Trick r Treat.” Whoopeee!!!

Finally getting our strength back, we...Go straight and stop at Cole(L). Charlie barks and runs straight past the big rock blocking road and to the first tree to the right along the fence. Slipped under some fragile bark with other bark covering it at chest level we excitedly yell “Trick r Treat.” Charlie is excited too....barking and barking...then we hear him growling. We hear a swash buckling laugh and a gang comes out of the tree and robs us of our candy....Charlie gets a couple by the pants, but the pants rip and they swing back up in the tree. DAGNABBIT....our hard earned candy....GONE. Nice try Charlie...good boy.

Charlie feels sorry for us, licks our wounds and pushes us with his nose onward.... Go back to Cole(L) then turn left. Go past Dukes(L), Scott(L). Turn left at Spradling(L), Harllew(L). Go past Baker(R), Zeck(R), dirt pile on left, past two old log gravestones(L). Charlie…Stops pushing us at Pettiford. We take a few steps North of Pettiford to a tree with two ground caverns. We face the tree and in the right cavern is this Creature of Halloween hidden by bark there to greet us. We look at the horrid face and scream in horror “Trick r Treat”. The Creature looks at us like we are stupid...and it says....does it look like I have candy you fools? I eat candy. I eat people and I eat DOGS. At that Charlie's ears stood straight up and he howled Oooooo...Owooooo...OOWWWOOOOO....that was enough for us. We're out of here.

Box #8
We left in a hurry and Charlie led us on.... Go past Woller(L), Black(L), Stewart(L), Moore(L). Charlie....Stopped at Staley. We looked across the road from Staley and in front of a small ground hole on the N side of the tree covered by bark, we sang “Trick r Treat”. Nothing Happened. Nobody said anything. We didn't see anything. Stone Cold Quiet. Guess no ones at home. Charlie went over to investigate and wagging his tail, he bought a surprise back to us.

Box #9
Happily we went....Go past Graham(L), Hubbard(L). Turn right at intersection. Go past Alsip(L), Krows(L). Turn right at Hillyer(L). Go past Wagner(L), Brown(L) Shuck(L) Varney(L), Bunsmier(L), Carle(L) Hubbard(L), Adams(L), Olmstead(L). Turn left at Burton(L across intersection), Go past Martin(L), Coffman(L), (Ely(L), Blaine(L), Howell(L), Hendricks(L), Goodrich(L), Hall(L), Musson(L). Whew.....by the time we stopped at Dean(L), we were pooped. We
looked at the tree across road. On the West side in the knee high knobby cave covered by bark/wood we yelled “Trick r Treat”. We heard a crotchety crackling voice say...I'll Trick r Trick you my pretties....and ZAP. Just like that....we weren't human or dog anymore. MEOW!!!!

Happy Halloween...THE END