Hand-Cranked  LbNA # 66035

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateOct 18 2013
LocationLake Houston Wilderness Park, New Caney, TX
Found By Lucky Libra
Last Found Dec 12 2014
Hike Distance?

My grandfather had a cotton farm and dairy out in West Texas. He’d grow watermelons out in the cotton field so he could stop while plowing and break open a melon for a cool sweet treat on a hot day. We could have a big juicy watermelon anytime we pleased. But, his favorite treat of all time was Peach and Banana ice cream, made in a HAND-CRANKED freezer. I know that combination of fruit is a little unusual, but you should try it. Our house was on the farm about a mile from Granny and Granddad’s house, and during the summertime, we’d walk down there and, on occasion, and it didn’t have to be a very special occasion, he’d get out the freezer and make up a batch of that Peach and Banana ice cream. You’d have to leave space in the top of the canister for the cream to expand. He had his own dairy cows, so there was no shortage of milk and cream. He put the can in the wooden bucket made for that purpose, add ice with plenty of salt, then holler for us kids to come help him crank the ice cream. Our job was to sit on the freezer so that it would hold still while he cranked. I always had a few cousins around, big old strong boys, but they’d disappear about that time, leaving that chore to me. He’d fold a big towel or old quilt and put it on top of the freezer so my backside wouldn’t freeze along with the cream. It seemed to take forever, but eventually the cream would begin to freeze, making the cranking and the ice cream that much harder. When he thought it was time, I’d go play while he packed the freezer with more ice and salt and let it sit a while until it was good and firm. Then, we eat our fill of that Peach and Banana ice cream, HAND-CRANKED by Granddad. It was a DELICIOUS DELIGHT!

This box is placed at Lake Houston Wilderness Park, 25840 FM 1485, New Caney, Texas. Go to the Gate House, pay the fee and get a trail map. Park in the parking area next to the Gate House.

To the Box:
Take the Peach Creek Loop Trail. At the first junction, go straight on the Dogwood Trail. Go all the way to the wooden footbridge, then turn around and backtrack. When you come to a sharp left turn around a large water oak, start counting steps until you've counted 140. Stop and look due south (left) for two trees, a pine and a small oak, leaning together about 10 steps off the trail. The box is hanging on the back of the smaller tree about 5 feet above the ground.