Girl Scout Troop 7345  LbNA # 66050

OwnerGirl Scout Troop 7345    
Placed DateOct 19 2013
LocationHawthorn Hollow- 880 Green Bay Rd, Kenosha, WI
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Start at the Hawthorn Hollow Nature Center and take the path next to the evergreen trees. Skip down the path and take the Flower Garden trail. After you go under the arch, stop and smell the flowers. Then find the sign that says Amphitheater and Historic Bldgs. Follow this path and march between the rocks. Be careful going down the stairs! Now go straight across the bridge and up the hill. Have a little fun and peak in the windows of the building directly to your right. Then go stand on the porch of the second building and pretend you are on stage! Finally, stand on the steps at the west door of the last building. Look out and enjoy the awesome view! Do you see the bush straight ahead? If not tilt your head to the left. Now run to the bush and take a peak under the west side. You’ve found it. Hurray!!!