Hello Kitty  LbNA # 66068

Placed DateOct 22 2013
LocationNorth Chagrin Reservation, Willoughby Hills, OH
Found By Blaze
Last Found Oct 22 2013
Hike Distance?

Enter the Cleveland Metroparks' North Chagrin Reservation from the Chardon Road (OH Rte. 6) entrance. Drive a short distance (less than a mile) until you see the Whispering Woods sign on the left. Park near the back of the parking lot.

At the northeast corner of the parking lot is a trail entering the woods. Begin walking on this trail; when it comes to a gorge leading to the creek below, it turns sharply to the left. Continue following the trail along the edge of the ravine. Eventually you will walk beside the jagged stump of a large downed tree on your left, then between 2 slim beech trees.

Soon the trail takes another sharp left turn. After passing a large beech tree prominently carved with AK & RM and walking over many exposed roots, you will see another large beech on the left with no carvings (imagine that!) You'll be heading straight towards a BIG beech tree. (There are lots of beech trees in this woods!) Pass to the right of this tree, between it and a fungus-covered fallen tree. On the other side of the BIG standing beech are the letters LL & JB. With your back to these initials, look across another large fallen tree towards the ravine. At the edge of the ravine is a fairly large tree (not a beech:) that has a keyhole sort of slit in front. This "keyhole" is stuffed with sticks... and a letterbox.

To return to your car, you can either retrace your steps or simply bushwhack through the woods until you see the parking lot. Please let me know if you have any difficulty following these directions.