Turtle Crossing  LbNA # 66073 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 23 2013
LocationHomer Lake Forest Preserve, Homer, IL
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Last EditedOct 23 2015

Turtle Crossing

Eltrut, the Turtle, loves to hike at Homer Lake. One day he found himself in the North Peninsula Parking Lot and saw the trailhead for Timberdoodle Trail. He started down the trail and immediately took the trail to the left in hopes of finding some of his friends. “What a pretty trail!” he thought until he came to a place where the water was rushing toward the lake. “How will I get across?” he wondered. Just then he noticed that all of his friends were working hard to build a small foot bridge. Soon the last board was in place and all turtles crossed.

Eltrut liked this location and decided to find a home. He continued just a short way down the trail looking for just the right spot. He saw a 5-from-1 tree on his right next to the path but that wasn’t where he wanted to live. Soon he saw another 5-from-1 tree next to the path. He thought he would go a bit farther so he took 10 really big steps and looked over his right shoulder. He could see a burned out stump and decided that this would make the perfect home!

Please take care walking to this spot so a path does not form to give Eltrut’s home away. Please reseal and return Turtle Crossing to the hiding spot covering with the stone to keep it from blowing away. I tried a new container with this box so please let me know how it is holding up.