The Eye of the Needle  LbNA # 66074

Placed DateOct 23 2013
LocationHomer Lake Forest Preserve, Homer, IL
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Aug 6 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 13 2015

The Eye of the Needle

It is a blessing to live near this wonderful forest preserve. In a way, I feel as if I grew up with it over the years. When the land was first acquired many people helped to move the project along; my mother had her own part in the beginning. In her 5th grade classroom, she planted 150 seeds and grew coffee trees that she and her students planted at Homer Lake. She and I would carry containers of water out to the trees to keep them going for the first few years.

My mother was an artist and loved to sketch the trees and water along the river. Away to college I went but she continued to visit the Homer Lake area with each season teaching her classes to respect and value nature. I became a teacher and have been involved at the preserve as well.

When I hike at Homer Lake, I remember the way people came together to help this area. And I remember my mother and all of her wonderful works of art—painting, quilting, millinery, decorating, gardening, upholstering, and sewing.

When you enter the Homer Lake grounds, turn right and head west down the road. You will pass a trailhead on your left and a road to the North Peninsula on your right. Continue toward the lake where you will see a boat launch and dock. Park in the lot and walk to the boat launch area. You will see a cement path on the left to take you to an almost reverend location— an open area with exception to the large, elderly trees that my mother loved to sketch and paint. Walk into this space and notice how the trees seem to be gathered as if in conversation. Continue walking south with the lake on your right and natural prairie on the left. As the area starts to close and round at the far end of this space, notice a tree lying down at the edge of the grassy area. Do you see the eye of the needle in this tree?

Please reseal and rehide this box well. The logbook includes some of the labels from threads my mother used. Please help to keep her memory safe in this spot.