Brownsville Bluebird  LbNA # 66080

Placed DateOct 24 2013
LocationBrownsville Elementary School, Crozet, VA
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The Brownsville Bluebird is hiding behind Brownsville Elementary. She was placed by Brownsville Elementary School's Brownie Girl Scouts, Troop 677. The Brownsville Bluebird watches over the grounds and hopes you will help her pick up litter. If you park in the Brownsville/Henley parking lot, walk between the two schools and find the playground on your right. There is a small path that heads down the hill into the woods. Follow this path to the bottom of the hill. Then turn around and face the path. To your right, you should see Henley's wind turbine in the distance. To your left, you should see a fence. Behind you should be a grassy hill and bleachers. Look for the letterbox nestled against a tree near the path.
Leave us a message in the Bluebird's notebook! If you cannot find the box, or you see that is has been damaged, please contact us on this website. Our user name is girlscouts677.
Troop 677