Think Cool Breezes  LbNA # 66088

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateSep 19 2013
LocationTexas Canyon Rest Area, AZ, Benson, AZ
Found By AZwomon
Last Found Mar 11 2015
Hike Distance?

Texas Canyon, Arizona
I-10 eastbound, Mile 320

Itís hot on this highway; the desert winds blow
And if I had it my way, to a cooler spot Iíd go.
In your mind fly away, where cool waters flow.
Nonetheless, if I may, itís awesome here, doncha know!

Council Rocks Plaque read how it was way back when.
Turn to see Beige Box 51-7-10.

Cross to sidewalk by fence after crossing the grass.
Turn 180. Is water culvert 271o on the compass?

Count 10 fence posts as northward you amble.
Closest to sidewalk see bush and tree bramble.

Circle around to I-10 side, under brush near trunk of tree.
There you will find a cool breezy place awaiting thee.

Return said breezes to its hiding spot,
Cover with grass and rocks a lot.
Careful now, let not muggles in on the secret.
Log your find on AQ or LBNA, if you pleaset.