Alms Metamorphisis  LbNA # 66106

Placed DateOct 20 2013
LocationAlms Park, Cincinnati, OH
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Last EditedNov 10 2015

Climb the steps to the top of the pavillion.
Look around and spot the slide.
Head to the slide and slide down. At the bottom head south and stop at the next clue which is "childs play"
After playing one gets thirsty, head south to the place where you quench your thirst
Listen for the noise and look to the sky. Head across the the street and towards the airport.
Find the Catawba trail marker.
From bottom of the steps head down the trail (64 steps,32 paces) and find a dead tree trunk off the trail laying towards the airport.
Walk another 60 steps until you find a stump on the left side of the trail.
Continue another 21 paces down the trail until you find a tree on the right with two twisting trunks,
look in the hole on the back side of the trunk about 4 feet off the ground.