Buffalo Baby  LbNA # 6612

OwnerBookworm (WA)    
Placed DateNov 30 2003
LocationEstacada, OR
Planted BySleepy Whippet    
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This box's status is unknown. This is a box planted by Sleepy Whippet and adopted by Bookworm. The box has not been confirmed missing or active. 4/20/15

Directions: This box is hidden in Eagle Fern Park.
Take I-205 to exit 12 Clackamas/Estacada and turn right onto Hwy 212/224. Proceed 3.2 miles to the 212/224 junction turn right onto Hwy 224 following signs to Estacada. Go 10.4 miles and turn left onto Wildcat Mountain Rd, you will see signs to Eagle Fern Park. Go 2 miles to Eagle Fern Park Rd. turn right. The park is located 2.3 miles on the right side of the road.

There is a $3 charge per vehicle on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

I drove out to Eagle Fern Park to find a place to go for a hike. I drove into the park marveling at the giant Redwoods. I drove past the park keepers house and as I looked to my left I saw a dark colored furry creature about the size of a pony. I had to stop the vehicle and look - I even took a picture; I couldn't believe my eyes - it was a baby buffalo!

I continued driving thru the park to the turn that headed back towards the entrance. I noticed I would be driving right beside the baby buffalo. I drove really slow so I could get a good look. He had an ear tag so he belonged to someone. Hummm I wonder how he got here. I wanted to get a better picture but those volleyball poles were in my way. I eased around a corner past a giant redwood on my left. I stopped the vehicle about level with the sandbox and took another picture up close and personal! The baby buffalo ambled off. I drove home in awe of this great event.

I stopped at Thriftway and bought a paper. When I got home I began to read the paper, I found a picture of 'my' buffalo with a brief note about how he seemed to be missing and maybe the owner could come get him. (or some such)

I realized this was an exceptional event; so I carved his image went back to the park and I hid a letterbox in his honor. The box is hidden at the foot of the tree on the right of the road where I snapped his up-close picture. I included his newspaper story as well.

p.s. when I get the pictures back I will include a link so you can see him.