Acadian Flycatcher  LbNA # 66137

OwnerDesert Flower    
Placed DateOct 23 2013
Location39.52.50 N, 74.32.02 W, Woodland Township, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Nov 15 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 15 2015

The Acadian Flycatcher spends the summer in this region. It was placed during an extend Fall trip back east. It is placed in honor of Azroadie's ten years of letterboxing. His first find was posted on October 23, 2003.

Walk difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1/2 mile RT
Stamp: hand-carved
Status: Alive and well on October 23, 2013

Driving directions:
From Four Mile Circle (routes 70 and 72) drive south on Rt. 72 about 1 mile and turn into the state forest. Park at Pakim Pond. Restrooms available, as well as picnic area.

From the north corner of the parking area follow the trail a short distance to the trail junction of Cranberry Trail ( red marker on brown stake) and turn left. Continue past the wooden guard rail and cross the road to the trail access barrier. Note the red trail marker, this is the first marker on this section.

Continue down the trail. From the second red trail marker walk 170 steps along the trail to a large, prone tree with an end touching the trail. It angles off the trail at 250 degrees and has a jagged stump on the left side of the root end. The box is nestled in the stump under bark and pine needles.

Please be sure the contents are double-zip locked when you put them back in the box (ie- the stamp is in a ziplock, the book is in a ziplock, and the two are in the larger ziplock bag). Please put the lid on tight. Please reside the box well, just as you found it or better! Make sure it cannot be seen from any direction.

I live out of state so I will not be able to maintain this box. Any assistance is appreciated. Contact me if the box needs attention:

Please record your find at or at