Yankee Woodlot Trail  LbNA # 66144

Placed DateOct 25 2013
LocationCooperative Extension Office, Skowhegan, ME
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The first thing to do is to enter the extension building and request a map of the Yankee Woodlot Trail. Then start down the trail and happy hunting.

Box #1-
The first box sits hidden behind trail marker #5 amongst a cluster of 3 rocks.

Box #2-
Look for an opening in front of a group of trees behind trail marker #9 for this one.

Box #3-
This one is hidden under a root of a tree left of the trail marker number 13.

Box #4-
With the #16 poem sign on your left, look straight in front of you. There is a rock with a shelf under it. There is the letterbox!

Box #5-
Under the poem sign “Straight my eye hath caught new pleasures. . . look in the tree for this one.