Fairy Palace  LbNA # 66145 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 22 2013
LocationTed Olson Nature Preserve, Bainbridge Island, WA
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Directions to Ted Olson Nature Preserve from Ferry:
Get off ferry and head north on 305. Go about 2 miles on 305, and take a right on Madison. Head left up the hill. You will pass the “official parking lot” for the Ted Olson preserve on the right, however keep going straight to Winther (Lovgreen is on the left/Winther is the road on the right). Take a right on Winther, Kallgren is your next right. Shortly after you turn, on your left will be an alpaca farm and directly across from it is another entrance to the Ted Olson Nature Preserve. This is the starting point to find the “Fairy Palace” letterbox.

Once on the trail, go past the very mossy bush and keep going. You will pass a big Douglas Fir tree. A couple more steps and you will see a little space that has some elephant tails. Take a break on the fallen down tree. Look up and try to find a snag that has a big hole in the top. What do you think might live in there? Finally stand up and go past two trees that lead to the big twin Cedars. Stop and take a look at the big burnt Cedar. Go left at the next intersection. There will be a big burnt stump,you are in the deeper forest now . See if you can spot another bird house and then go down the little hill ,past the mossy bench and up the hill. At the next intersection go left and you will see a very high tree, there will be another intersection very close to where you are write now ,go right at that intersection then go up the little hill. At the next intersection you want to go right again. On your left you will see the parking lot for the other entrance. Keep on going right down the steep path. Go left at the intersection and go down the hill past the mossy bench. Rest again if you need to and admire the tall amazing trees. Head down the hill and go right at the first mossy Maple on your right with the bird house on it. Then go past the fallen tree. Go under the second smaller fallen tree (feel free to limbo it if you want). On your left is a fallen,flat,mossy log. The letterbox that you are looking for is right under it. After you have found it, please put the letter box back for others to enjoy. Feel free to make a fairy house there if you want.