Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page The Bratt Boxes  LbNA # 66165

OwnerThe Dokies    
Placed DateJul 10 2014
LocationBratt Conservancy, Grafton, WI
Found By RedBeard
Last Found Jul 16 2016
Hike Distance?

Take N. Green Bay Road north from HWY 60. On the left you will see the Village of Grafton Services area. Enter the parking lot. Park at the north end, near the playlot. Then walk across the small wooden bridge and continue to the Interurban Trail. Turn right and cross Green Bay Road. Then continue on the IUT. Cross the bridge over the river and continue, walking between the two power poles. On your left you will see two two signs and a path. Walk past the bench and the first blue-tipped trail marker. When you reach the second trail marker the trail divides. Take the left path. At the third marker, the trail bears right and you will see the river straight ahead. Keep walking. following the trail along the river. Pass several trail markers.

At the 12th marker the trail begins to turn right away from the river. Keep following the markers. At the 16th, you will see a skinny broken tree straight ahead. The trail bears left--follow the markers. AT the 19th you could take a rest on the bench. Then follow the trail to the right. It will begin to loop around and head back the direction you came from. Look for a tall tree with a broken tree next to it, on your left. Follow the winding trail up the hill. On your right you will see a tree with an oval bulge. This is your destination!

Now on to the second box! Now to get to the second box, get back on the trail and go right or East. The trail curves South. Continue the winding path.
You will find a trail marker. Look South and you will see a Y with a bench. Take a rest. After your done taking your rest, take the right fork past the next marker. Right now you should be going uphill past the next marker. When you see the next marker on the left look left. Find the large carcass of an old tree. Walk towards it through the woods. NOTE: There is no path. When you find the break, you have found the letterbox. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

To get back go the same way you came in.