The Key to Life  LbNA # 66166

Placed DateNov 1 2013
LocationCarolina St, Valdese, NC
Found By Johnson6
Last Found Sep 16 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 16 2015

Go to Waldensian Presbytarian Church Cemetery, Valdese. From I-40, take exit 111 and follow the signs to Valdese. The cemetery is on a hill, at the intersection of Carolina St. and Praley St.

In 1893, 29 Waldenses arrived in Burke County and prepared the way for other immigrants to follow. They were fleeing their native northern Italy because of religious persecution. Many of the first settlers are buried in this cemetery. Stroll around and look for the small historical markers denoting the gravesites of those early settlers.


When in the cemetery, look for the central walkway, lined with an aisle of trees, bushes, and benches. Take that walkway and sit on the bench that directly faces the Martinet tombstone. Behind you are 3 holly bushes. The Key to Life is under the back of the middle bush. Gloves could be helpful, but not necessary.

Enjoy the views.