The Letters  LbNA # 66174

Placed DateAug 20 2013
LocationDawes Arboretum, newark, OH
Found By doublewing
Last Found Nov 10 2013
Hike Distance?

Dawes Arboretum is located at 7770 Jacksontown Road in Newark - right on State Route 13. I like to go there for walks and to do Girl Scout workshops.

Park at the observation tower.
Go to the top and look around. Find the bench closest to the tower.
Go to the bench. Sit on it and look at the lake.
Walk towards the lake.
From the bank of the lake find the letter 'O'. If you have friends with you, race around the 'O' and roll down the hill of the bank.
Go to the road and walk past two letters going towards the tower.
Walk up the stick of the 'T". Look in the corner. That's a good place to hide one - but it's not there!
Keep walking along the bottom of the top of the T. Go to the tip that is closest to the 'E'.
Search in that tip and you will find the 'letter' box.