BowWow Bunch  LbNA # 66178

OwnerBowWow Bunch    
Placed DateOct 17 2013
LocationKraft Azalea Park, Winter Park, FL
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Directions to The Bow Wow Bunch Letterbox

1. Go to Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park, FL.
2. Park in a spot.
3. Enter the path at the two large columns. A bike rack and sign for the park are on your right.
4. Go down the cement, curved path. You will pass a tree covered in giant leaves on your left. Continue past the large column structure with seating along the path, curving to the right. It will turn into a dirt path.
5. Continue down this dirt path. You will pass a bench and a stranger fig with braided vines on your right. You should be close to the water’s edge on your left.
6. Keep walking on the path; you will pass another bench on your right, and then another.
7. From the last bench, take 57 regular-sized steps forward. If you are past the dock, you have gone too far! You should see four skinny palm trees about 12 ft. in front of you.
8. Look directly to your right. You will see an old split tree with about six little trees and a coontie palm around it.
9. Walk to this tree Look on the side with the open split. Remove the old palm frond (if it’s still there) and moss. You will find our letterbox inside the tree!