GS Troop 7345  LbNA # 66179

OwnerGS Troop 7345    
Placed DateOct 27 2013
LocationKenosha County Bike Trail, Kenosha, WI
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Your adventure begins on the south trail of the Kenosha County Bike Trail. The trail picks up at the intersection of 30th Ave. & 89th Str.
Start at the green bike trail sign. Walk down the bike path counting the trees along the west side (right) of the path. When you reach the 16th tree you will see a green slide. Skip across the bridge and stomp up the stairs to get to the top of the slide. Go down the slide, arms up, squealing, "WHEE!". Upon exiting the slide turn to the north. Go to the nearest tree and find a brick near the base. Under the brick you will find a green container. That's it!!!