Field of Vision  LbNA # 66195 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateNov 10 2013
LocationThird Ward, Houston, TX
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Go to the corner of Elgin and Bastrop Streets in Houston's Third Ward, across from Emancipation Park. Here you will find Field of Vision, a sculpture park created by the late artist Bert L. Long, Jr. You will see 40 or so individual eyeballs upon pedestals staring at you. Beyond the eyes are some children's swings made of reclaimed auto parts. Just past those is a tree (the largest in the park). On its backside is a deep hollow just above head height. Reach into the hole and feel for a large screw. Hanging from the screw is a mesh bag containing the box. You'll have to fish the box out while leaving the bag in place. There is a low concrete bench nearby where you can sit to stamp.