Papel Picado  LbNA # 66196 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateNov 10 2013
LocationThe Esplanade at Navigation, Houston, TX
Found By Silver Eagle
Last Found Dec 11 2013
Hike Distance?

Go to The Esplanade at Navigation in Houston's East End. It is a 3-block stretch of art-filled pedestrian space in the median of Navigation Boulevard between N. St. Charles St. and N. Delano St. (including the original Ninfa's restaurant). At either end is a large iron archway designed to resemble papel picado, as are the shade canopies in the center of the park. Begin near the St. Charles end. Step up onto a raised deck with green picnic tables. Sit at the table near the large 3-trunked tree. You will be near the Merida Mexican Cafe. At the base of the tree is an electrical box. It's green with a duck embossed on it. Look to the right of the electrical box. The letterbox should be there, between the tree trunk and the decking.