E and N's crazy box  LbNA # 66218

Placed DateNov 16 2013
LocationSchenley park, Pittsburgh, PA
Found ByVinson Family Letter
Last UpdateApr 18 2014

Enter Schenley Park's Bridle Trail at the street intersection of Greenfield Rd and Overlook Dr.
Go down the path past the port a potty.
You will see a sign for Bridle Trail there

Walk down the trail about .3 miles

On your right you will see a tree with a birdhouse on it. There are a lot of rock formations around that area.

Put the birdhouse tree to your back and cross over the trail.

Looking down the hill you should see a cut tree stump in front of you about 10 steps down.

To the right diagonally behind that stump there are some tree limbs down with a tall tree standing in the middle.

You will find what you seek under one of the tree limbs (in front of the tall tree).