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Owner4 Chicks w/ Hockey Sticks    
Placed DateApr 13 2013
LocationEast Lake Reservoir, Thornton, CO
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Last EditedOct 5 2015

Park in the lot off 128th and Fillmore Ct. Walk down the pedistrian path, across 128th to the trail that goes around the lake. Walk down the path so that the path is on your RIGHT. Cross a bridge and walk pas the 1.25 mile marker. Sit on the bench on your left and admire the scenery and sounds...oh, and the fox. Get up and walk to the next bench. Take a rest or not. Keep walking past the 1.0 mile marker on your right. Walk to the next bench, your 3rd bench just near the 1.0 mile marker sigh and look at the mountain views, they are spectacular. If you were sitting on the bench, get up, walk about 25 steps, turn right, walk about 45 steps into the grass. Be careful of prickles and mole holes. Look around and inside for Letterbox # 1 if I wasn't washed away by the floods. Get back on the trail, keeping the lake on your right for the 2nd Letterbox.

Walk to the 4th bench, turn right and go down the path towards the grey rock wall and read all about the natural habitat you are exploring. Walk back up the path and continue walking with the lake on your right. Walk about 175 steps on the main path, then detour to the right onto the bridge that goes over the marsh. There will be a BBQ on your left at the intersection. Walk around the marsh (there is a geo cash under the bridge...but that's not ours!), enjoy the marsh, then go up the 3 flights of stairs and turn right onto to the main path, again with the lake on your right. Give a "neigh" to the horses on your left and keep walking. Pass the .50 mile marker and make a right on the main path. Pass the East Lake #3 sign and find the 2 red rocks that mark the under ground pipe. Take 35 steps on the main trail from the red rocks, then turn left onto the grass towards the tennis courts. Walk behind the piney bush by the silver fence nearest the door, look hard, low and high. See the light that fills the sky?