Go N2 Serendipity BoX  LbNA # 66245

Placed DateNov 19 2013
LocationTingley Park, Albuquerque, NM
Found By Children of the Forest
Last Found Apr 13 2015
Hike Distance?

Go N2 Serendipity BoX

Allergy alert!! A peanut container has been used so those with allergies should avoid this one.

Oops! Actually this stamp should be titled Go WNW2 Serendipity BoX. Remember this when looking at the stamped image but not when decoding.


Cars: From the I-40, I-25 intersection in Albuquerque, take I-40 west and exit at the Rio Grande Blvd. exit. Take Rio Grande Blvd. left (south), get in the right lane and turn right at the traffic light for Central Ave. Get in the left lane so that when you get to the stoplight at Tingley Drive you can turn left. On Tingley go past the paved entrance on the right for the park train depot and pond fishing areas. At the next right, turn in to the gravel parking area and park on your left by the large boulders. (If you get to Alcalde Street, you've gone too far.) Leave the car and follow the tracks to the southwest around the fence between you and the bike path--watch for choo-choos. At the entrance in the fence, enter the bosque.

Bikes: From the intersection of Central and the Bosque Trail, proceed south on the Bosque Trail. Go past the train depot, go past the bike sculpture, to 3/4 mile marker. When you see the gap-entrance in the fence on your right, dismount and enter the bosque.

All: Walk southwest--you should be able to see the wildlife viewing blind through the trees. Go there. U3,10,6,7/5WC2,7,9,6,7.

Hint=H,11,9,12; boxname=key

Please leave the immediate area to stamp in so as not to attract attention to the hiding spot. Inside the wildlife blind would be great. Please do not let others see you search for the prize or see you rehide it. Please rehide very well with the bark shielding the letterbox from view.

Happy hunting.