Where Eagles Fly (?)  LbNA # 66250

Ownerblacksheep 1&2    
Placed DateNov 2 2013
LocationPayson, AZ
Found By mom22sons
Last Found Oct 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Easy Drive by
Hand carved stamp
You may not see the eagles but the black crows gave us a serenade all the while we were there

From Payson, take hwy. 260 about 17 miles to Tonto Creek Hatchery Rd.
Follow the road to The Horton Picnic Site on the left. A good quiet place for a picnic or for parking to hike or to look for other boxes in the area.
At the end of the parking area, follow your nose to the hiking path. Pass the “day use” sign and look to your right to 2 tables. Go to the 2nd table and sit with your back to the table and look NW toward a trail. Under the right side of the boulder in front of you, under forest debris and rocks is the box. It was quiet the day we planted but could be busy during the picnic season. Let us know the condition of the box.