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LocationGrandview Heights, OH
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Grandview Movie Theatre
1247 Grandview Ave.

Letterbox can be found when the Grandview Theatre is open (week nights & weekends).

Located on the main street of Grandview, the Grandview Theatre is part of the historic bank block. For this letterbox, you can park on Grandview Ave. or in the public parking behind Stauf’s Coffee Shop and Panera Bread.

Tucked between a barber shop and The Candle Lab on Grandview Ave. you will find the oldest movie theater in Franklin Co. Enter the red doors and walk over the “Grandview” mosaic. Pass under the shimmering silver balls and go to the entrance on the right. You will see a table on the right against the wall.

Look for the TARDIS (blue police box) used as a time machine in the famous British science fiction television series "Doctor Who". Inside the TARDIS, you will find a small metal box holding the Grandview Movie Theatre letterbox.

The movie theatre owners are aware of the letterbox. Enjoy the contents and replace the letterbox where it was found.


The Grandview Theatre opened in September of 1926, just a couple months before the Palace Theatre in downtown Columbus, making the Grandview Theatre, the oldest movie house in Franklin County. With seats for 560 people, the first movie show in the theatre was a silent movie entitled Behind the Front, a comedy about two friends during World War I. A little over a year later, the theatre showed its first “talky”, a film with sound.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Grandview boys could make 25 cents per hour working as ushers at the theatre. Grandview football players were admitted free, if they won the football game that week. Children also enjoy the Grandview Confectionery selling candy and popcorn in one of the theatre storefronts.

The theatre closed in 1967 due to declining attendance. For nearly 20 years the theatre was used as a warehouse for an antique shop operating out of one of the storefronts. Between 1986-2008 the theatre was open again and used for showing independent and foreign films.

The Grandview Theatre has had new ownership since 2009. Boasting many new renovations including a new screen and projector, has brought new life to the historic theatre. Grandview residents can enjoy a variety of films and television at the theatre.