Cam-Rock Canoe Launch - UNAVAILABLE  LbNA # 6628 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateSep 15 2002
LocationCambridge, WI
Found By Riiyak
Last Found Jul 2 2005
Hike Distance?

Location: Cam-Rock County Park
Placed: 9/15/2002 by ?
Adopted: 12/2/2003 by The Christmas Elves
Status: 9/12/2011 The closed and empty box was found in place with none of the contents in sight. We plan to replant and will update this spot when an intact box is back in place. 8/1/2013 Still hoping to find the replacement stamp that we're sure we squirreled away somewhere since we have no time to carve a new one.

Solve this puzzle to get your clue...Have fun!

Cam-Rock Canoe Launch letterbox:

tace ignf urns ightt aker ighty-fivet tepse longs hea

dget fe heo rivewayt urnd eftt akel ourty-eightt tepsf

os owng teepd mbankments ooke nl xposedi angle ft

ootso ehindr heb reet itht anyw runksm.

Please contact us if you know the placer or if the box needs maintenance, etc.

Note: The dam was removed in 2000, so current canoe launch resources will not be useful in locating this box.