Winter is Coming  LbNA # 66288

OwnerAtom 118 - Atomic Beans      
Placed DateNov 30 2013
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found Byshooting starz
Last UpdateMay 2 2014


Winter is Coming

Find complete clues on AQ.

The theme for this year's winter series was inspired by 'Game of Thrones' (CB finally convinced Atom to read it, and he is about halfway through it). This journey took us North from our castle beyond the 'wall' and into Southern Wisconsin. Albeit a few of these boxes are somewhat random, the boxes are camouflaged and suspended off the ground in hopes of sparing you the agony of a box frozen in the ground. This is our winter series, and THESE BOXES WILL BE REMOVED ON/AFTER MAY 4th.

To find the staring place for the series, find the woods named for a well-known local conveyance (at least that is what these woods are informally known as, online). Its namesake was founded nearby in 1903 by William and Arthur. Park on the nearby Parkway near the lotipac overpass and follow the dirt, then paved, path to the trail heads. This journey is roughly 2 miles, and could be doable with an appropriate stroller (although we did not take one on this quest). Follow the bike trail into the woods...


The days are growing short and the temperature is falling. It can only mean one thing: Winter is Coming. To help prepare yourself, we've left some warnings/clues and solutions that you can find by starting along the main King's Road into the wood. Keep an eye out for quickly ridden beasts as this is a multi-use trail. Before long, you will cross under a 'rainbow bridge'. However, before you do, look to the right for a small tree, 10 steps in (and about 3 feet from the bridge). Look up at head-height along a branch from a nearby neighbor to begin your quest.

Now that you have warmed up, it is important to ensure you stay that way. Follow the King's Road around a few turns and up a hill. Near the top, keep a keen eye for a side trail that splits off to the right. Follow this along (and duck when needed) until you reach a sign post. Follow the bike for 30 steps and look 2 feet to the right at eye level. Ideally the inspection is successful and you maintain your heat.

Retrace your steps (or if you deem appropriate continue along the side-trail) until you merge back to the King's road and then continue forward. After a bit of a journey, you will have the option to cross a moat or circle back. You should venture across the wooden planks and explore the world beyond. Go past an arrow until you find a huge 4-trunk tree on the left. This is as far north as I fear take you. The days are growing shorter and the temperature is dropping. Retrace 12 steps and look to the left for a small bent tree with 'stick trees' at the base. Look waist-high and hopefully you don't look like your prize.

When winter finally does come, it is sure to bring the white haze from above. Do not get caught unprepared! Return back down the King's Road and re-cross the bridge. Follow the more difficult choice to the left, and go up the slight incline. As the grade increases, pass a very tall leaner on the left and a suspended log that abuts the trail at chest level. Go six more steps and then ten steps off the path to a smaller multi-trunked tree. Your goal should be a few feet off the ground so that you don't need to dig it out.

By now the list of perils is reaching some length. Keep going down and up and around. Not all lists are bad, and it might be time to start yours. Hopefully you've had many achievements from which to choose. If not, it might not matter. When the King's Road starts to get more difficult and rise, with a four foot stump to the right, keep an eye out for a pair of thin leaners on the right about 3 feet from the path. To their right, there is a larger multi-trunk. Check the backside near where a smaller tree touches the larger one to check off this last goal. If you hit the curve with the severed logs, you have gone too far!

To return home, keep going along the King's Road. At the bike, go left and downhill. (You have the option of going right here and retracing your steps along the King's Road. If you chose that option, it may be slightly shorter, and you will avoid having to cross a small stream. However, if you chose this option, pay attention as you will be going against the flow of the quick beasts!) If you went left, follow the King's Road by some cut logs, and then through one. Eventually you will reach a 'T.' When you do, go right and then stay to the left. After you cross the stream, you are almost home. At the hiker, go up the hill to the fence.

Hopefully you've had a successful journey and picked up a few tips to survive the coming winter.