Evergreen Secret--A Brownie Treasure in the Garden  LbNA # 66291

Placed DateDec 1 2013
LocationWylde Center, Oakhurst, Decatur, GA
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This box was put together by Brownie Troop 11567 in Decatur, GA
Happy Hunting!

1. Enter the garden at the trellis on Oakview Road to the right of the driveway. The yellow Oakhurst Community Garden Project sign greets you on your left.

2. Go down the six steps, turn SE (right), and walk up the path before the first set of garden beds. A picket fence will block your way.

3. Turn left and walk S approximately 26 steps and stop at the reeds in front of the frog pond.

4. Head right around the pond and walk N to the creek through the garden.

5. Find the 3rd bench on the left. Sit down and enjoy the view.

6. Search for the sign that says “Path to the Creek” and follow the helpful hand.

7. Turn left at the end of the log.

8. Stop where the path splits and take the left fork. You should be walking SE.

9. At the Magnolia tree on your left take the right-hand path. Don’t go too far or out of the garden you’ll go!

10. Walk until you find a place to rest--two noses will point the way to go next.

11. Stop where Peace Prevails on Earth.

12. Turn to your left and follow the wall.

13. Find a rock for peace and there lies your desired treasure in the evergreen behind the rock.

14. Don’t forget to hide it again for the next happy hunter.