Soap Diva  LbNA # 66339

OwnerParty of Two    
Placed DateDec 19 2013
LocationFullers Park, Marietta, GA
Found By Sambo1950
Last Found Feb 9 2014
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Soap Diva


The first SOAP opera I watched was “One Life To Live.” I happened to have a break between classes my first year in college. During this time, I turned on the TV and there HE was: Todd Manning. I was drawn into the storylines immediately and became a huge fan of the couplings Todd and Marty, Todd and Blair, AND Todd and Tea. I continued to watch OLTL until it went off the air in 2011 (that totals 10 years). Over a decade, I learned the back stories and watched great acting from legends like Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan), Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord Buchanan), and Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord), Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer Manning), Roger Howarth (Todd Manning), and Erin Torpey (Jessica Buchanan). As you can see, I became very passionate about this particular show and that is what inspired this first letterbox.

Clues (1):

1)Go to the parking lot in front of the main building (the “Recreation Center”).
2)With your back to the Recreation Center, begin at the trailhead, due west, (to the right of the baseball/football field).
3)At the first fork, make a left.
4)Next, turn left at the sign that says “Trail to Robinson Rd.”
5)Stop when you find yourself between two score boards (on the left) while on the path.
6)Look right to find two large trees that share the same base.
7)Adjacent to these trees, you will spot a “trio” of trees.
8)OLTL will be in the natural cubby of one of the trees in the “trio.”

The one SOAP still on the ABC Network is General Hospital. This show would follow OLTL in the lineup, and I became a regular viewer beginning in 2001. GH takes on stories that people can identify with in the “real” world---cancer, depression, adoption, etc. Maurice Bernard (Michael “Sonny” Corinthos) has often spoken publically about his struggle with being bipolar---something his character also portrayed. This particular show is meaningful to me because it tugs at the heartstrings of its viewers. What really makes me happy with GH is that actors from OLTL have joined the canvas of GH. So, even though OLTL is off the air after being canceled, I can still see some the actors when I watch GH.

Clues (2):

1)As you head out of the parking lot to find letterbox #2, begin at the pavilion nearest the Recreation Center.
2)Facing the “No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed” sign, spot the radio tower nearest the baseball field.
3)Follow the hill up to it and turn right.
4)Walk alongside the fence until you reach the score board.
5)Continue on the path (between the field’s fence and bushes).
6)Once at the evergreen tunnel, spot a “trio” of rocks.
7)Beneath the rocks you will find GH.

My passion for OLTL and GH---two SOAPS on the ABC Network—led me to I broaden my scope. Once I did, I found Young and the Restless (on CBS). I am a new fan to this show that just celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The coupling that warms my heart every day they are on is Adam and Chelsea---known on the SOAP boards as “Chadam.” I am drawn to watch this show because of its incredibly talented actors. Like GH, Y&R has added actors to its canvas that I previously watched on other SOAPS.

Clues (3):

1)To find letterbox #3, make the last left before exiting the park.
2)Park between the playground and the pavilion.
3)To the right of the pavilion, follow a wide trail downhill.
4)Find an elbow tree on your right.
5)Stand in front of the tree and look forward---facing 315° NW.
6)Notice two large rocks.
7)Behind the second rock (about 17 steps forward) will be Y&R.

So, as you can see, SOAP operas are meaningful to me. SOAPS are a medium like no other. Many actors jump from one SOAP to another. It’s almost as if the shows are intertwined because talent is shared among them on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoyed your search!