Wildlife Sanctuary- Geocache Hybrid  LbNA # 66345

OwnerLove to Hike    
Placed DateDec 23 2013
CountyFond du Lac
LocationLallier Park, Fond du Lac, WI
Found By Ava&Chase
Last Found Jun 21 2015
Hike Distance?

Welcome to the Wildlife Sanctuary! This Letterbox is on private property, please seek only between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm. The owners welcome your visit but, of course, you are expected to be on your best behavior. Bring your own ink October to May.
Both the Bat-House and Final Letterbox container were custom made by Love to Hike. The Wildlife Sanctuary is winter friendly and is also listed on Geocaching.com.

To get to Lallier Park in Fond du Lac: From Highway 41 turn east onto Hwy. 23: Johnson Street and follow it through town to National Avenue. Turn south onto National Avenue and follow it to the intersection with 4th Street.

To find the Letterbox with a compass using projection: First, travel to Lallier Park. Then, go to the street intersection of National Avenue and Glenwood Drive. Next, find the light pole with National and Glenwood street signs on it. Finally, from that pole go 500 feet at a heading of 197 degrees to the cache.

Once you arrive at "ground zero" there is a sign describing the details (also listed below) about how to find the Logbook and Stamps. Letterbox is NOT in or on the Little Free Library.
Finding the Final Letterbox is a two-step process and involves a field puzzle. First, start at the Bat-House and open the door covering the slot. Then use the attached tool to extract the cache inside: use patience to "feel" your way to the end. The container inside holds a note describing the Final Letterbox and how to open it. Replace the container into the slot on the Bat-House and close the door. Next go to the Final Letterbox, which contains the Logbook and Stamps: it is easy to find and located nearby.

Property owners ask that you only seek between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm. Please keep in mind that this Letterbox and it's contents are under close eye and are regularly monitored.
Not all contents inside are trade-able: Please be aware that Travel Bugs (usually six digits of numbers & letters written on them) are NOT to be kept, and must be logged online and then moved to another Geocache as soon as possible. You may trade for swag, but it is required that all swag be swapped with items of equal or greater value.

Sorry, the Wildlife Costumes, Mini Stage, and lawn ornament Frog are NOT trade-able and are part of the Letterbox itself. We thank you for respecting the box, its contents, and all aspects of a personal residence on private property.

If you wish, visit the custom made Little Free Library located nearby which contains many books for all ages.