The Lil Things Series - Sew Much Fun  LbNA # 66356 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMistress V - Le Vampyre    
Placed DateDec 25 2013
LocationConder Park, Killeen, TX
Found By zturtle
Last Found Jan 18 2014
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The Lil Things – Sew Much Fun


Sewing is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. Sewing is one of the oldest of the textile arts, arising in the Paleolithic era. Before the invention of spinning yarn or weaving fabric, archaeologists believe Stone Age people across Europe and Asia sewed fur and skin clothing using bone, antler or ivory needles and "thread" made of various animal body parts including sinew, catgut, and veins.

Although usually associated with clothing and household linens, sewing is used in a variety of crafts and industries, including shoemaking, upholstery, sailmaking, bookbinding and the manufacturing of some kinds of sporting goods. Sewing is the fundamental process underlying a variety of textile arts and crafts, including embroidery, tapestry, quilting, appliqué and patchwork.

For thousands of years, all sewing was done by hand. The invention of the sewing machine in the 19th century and the rise of computerization in the later 20th century led to mass production of sewn objects, but hand sewing is still practised around the world. Fine hand sewing is a characteristic of high-quality tailoring, haute couture fashion, and custom dressmaking, and is pursued by both textile artists and hobbyists as a means of creative expression.

The first known use of the word sewing was in the 14th century.

Take Veterans Memorial Blvd./Business 190 in Killeen to Conder Street. Turn onto Conder and proceed until you see a War Memorial with an American Flag. Just past the memorial turn left and go up the hill into the park.

Park in the parking area and look for a covered pavilion. Follow the gravel trail that is on the opposite side of the parking area from the pavilion. You will follow the trail around and down the hill, you will cross a wooden bridge and to your right you will see 3 very large old oak trees covering a picnic table. Go to the picnic tables and have a seat. Look towards the street (VMB) and you will see a gray retaining wall over the creek. On the left side of the wall you will see two trees that are entwined. At the base of these trees you will find a hollow area, inside you will find something sew very nice. Please return the box back to its original place and hide well.

*** If you are the first finder, Mistress V has left you a memento.