Riddle Me This #2  LbNA # 66382

Placed DateJan 3 2014
LocationPennsylvania Military Museum, Boalsburg, PA
Found By Tribute to Pickles
Last Found Apr 11 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 17 2015

Riddle Me This #2

This is Riddle Box #2, placed by myself and my super awesome nieces. Before each clue is a riddle. Find the box, find the answer

A duck, a frog, and a skunk go to the movies. Tickets cost one dollar. Which animal doesn't get in?

If you are starting from our first letter box - Riddle Me This #1 - return to the path and start at (b).
If not, start at (a) and continue on through (b) until you find the box.


(a) From the parking lot head toward the Military Museum and go over the bridge leading to the museums entrance. Just afterwards turn left and cross a small lawn heading toward a giant willow tree growing on the banks of Spring Creek. Just before the tree is a low stone wall, step over the wall and onto the path.

Follow the path as it winds along the creek. You will pass a broken cement dam spanning the creek and go through a small grassy break in the woods. On the other side of the clearing continue along the footpath until you come to a covered manhole set just aside from the path.

(b) Continue along the path. You will go uphill and come to a bunch of large boulders that appear to be sliding down the hill toward the creek. Climb over the rocks and you will find that the path starts back up again on the other side - Be Careful! There are some twisty roots to get your foot caught in and a few of the rocks are slippery.

The path passes by a red house to your right and a group of 3 really large trees to" the left. The day we placed the box there was a a little black cat sitting in the branches of the tree with the large hole in it's side. Look up, maybe he'll be there once again.

After passing by the trees and house mentioned above, the path begins to go down hill. When you come to the large fallen tree (and I mean REALLY large) that has crosses the creek - one side to the other - stop. From here count 38 paces, stop, and turn 90 degrees to your right.

Look for the tree that has a "wart" the size of a basketball growing out of it (I am pretty sure trees don't get warts, I think technically it's called a burl, but the girls and I thought wart was best way to describe it). Behind the tree is a big rock, it leans against the tree trunk and covers the letter box. It may be covered with leaves so be sure to dig through them if the box is not immediately obvious.

The stamp will give you the answer to our riddle. From this point you can either turn around or continue along the trail which takes you down, over the creek, and right back to the parking lot where you started.

This is a rather pleasant path through the woods around the Pennsylvania Military Museum however it can get a bit slippery in spots when the weather is rough. Care should be taken if you are bringing small children.