This Way 2014 Feet  LbNA # 66411

Placed DateJan 17 2014
LocationAnthem Community Park, Broomfield, CO
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This letterbox commemorates the year 2014. Some of you may have found “This Way 2009” and “This Way 2011” both of which got washed away. This letterbox is roughly 2014 feet from the parking area.

Find Anthem Community Park, at the NE corner where Lowell and Sheridan Pkwy meet. Sheridan bends here and actually goes East/West for a bit and there is a large lake with park and soccer fields on the North side of the road. Start by parking area closet to the restroom pavilion.

Take path from parking area that begins by a large green transformer box and stay to the right going past 1st black bench. Path bends left and heads in the direction of the mountains past two more black benches. Continue a ways and then take gravel path which goes around the lake and begins by going by a long rock wall. Your destination ahead is a cement waterway with railing on top.

At the waterway, go to the mountain side (right side as you face it and the lake at the same time). Look down the edge about 10 feet where the rocks are against the waterway and see some crushed red rocks. Letterbox is under the triangular greenish rock amongst the red rocks.