Cute Coon  LbNA # 66415

Placed DateJan 18 2014
LocationTyler State Park, ??, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Mar 19 2014
Hike Distance?

The East Texas Trekkers Walking Club has a raccoon as their mascot ( when I did their trail at the Tyler State Park and hid a raccoon for other walkers to find. It is along the walk route, but if you prefer you can do the shorter version listed below.

Enter the park (admission is $5.00 for day use)there is at least one other box hidden there (Midnight Moon). Drive to the Bicycle Trailhead and park. Stroll back out to the road and turn right. Continue on road past the red caution sign. Continue a short distance to a large Pine with a blue paint marker (if you come to the park road sign you've gone to far). I am not sure what the blue paint means but it may indicated that the tree is to be cut down and removed. So if you came to the park road sign and didn't see a tree with blue paint retrace you steps and look for a large stump! From the Pine (or stump) walk 20 paces up the hill. Look to your left for a tree with three trunks. Go to the side away from the road and look for a hole in the base of one of the trunks. The raccoon is hiding there. Please make sure the bike trail and the road are empty before interacting with the raccoon!