Scouting out Brierfield  LbNA # 66420

Placed DateJan 19 2014
LocationBrierfield State Historical Park, Brierfield, AL
Found By lonelyone!
Last Found Apr 23 2014
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This box was placed by Brownies Troop 221 and Girl Scout Junior Troop 306 on a weekend at Brierfield State Historical Park, and we highly recommend a visit. This box was placed to learn about letterboxing, and as part of earning a letterboxing merit badge. The girls especially enjoyed running through the old ironworks reservoir, and chose to hide it near there. Happy hunting!

Ekam ruoy yaw ot eht riovreser.
Ssorc eht egdirb dna evah a taes.
Nrut dnuora dna kool rof a doog gnidih ecalp.