Girl Scout Hornet's Nest Council Troop 1370  LbNA # 66421

OwnerGS Troop 1370    
Placed DateJan 12 2014
Location1412 Providence Road, Christ Episcopal Church, Charlotte, NC
Found By GS Troop 1370
Last Found Jan 20 2014
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Girl Scout Hornet's Nest Council Troop 1370 Letterbox

Christ Episcopal Church, 1412 Providence Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207

Start at the doors under the Church's highest point.
Enjoy seeing and hearing the children playing nearby.
Follow the path to the NORTH around the Church.
When you reach the circle with the Oak tree, skip around the tree, until you pass 4 signs.
Next turn toward the semi-circle and walk to it.
When you are on the semi-circle, look for the inclined plane that is used by individuals who cannot walk up or down steps, and walk to its end.
Turn LEFT, and walk on the path.
If you make it to the "Tar Heels", you are in the correct place.
Turn LEFT and explore the sunken garden, and make your way back to the inclined plane.
Go under cover at the columns.
Head SOUTH and look for the sign that reminds you of Mother Goose.
Take 7 steps down, then another 6 steps down.
March forward.
When there is nowhere else to go, look for something that gives you light in the darkest hours.