Placed DateJan 26 2014
CountyRichmond city
LocationForest Hill Park, Richmond, VA
Found By Book Hoarder
Last Found Jul 20 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 1 2015

This box begins at the location of the South of the James Market in Forest Hill Park, off Semmes Avenue.
On Saturdays when the market is in session, until it packs up at noon you won’t be able to drive down the road to Shelter 2 so either plan for a nice stroll through one of the largest and tastiest grower’s markets around or wait until afternoon.

Turn your back to Shelter 2 (and if you’re there on market day, the long line for Yoder’s donuts),

Walk to the picnic table directly across the parking lot
and face 191° S to the path where there is a break in the chain fence.

Walk down the path and turn right onto a big stone curve.

Keep the “six" sign to your left. Watch for bikers.

Walk down the curve and enjoy the view.

Keep walking on the path past a wooden fence.
You will pass a big stone slab on your right.

Continue down the trail and look for a tall tree with dark bark and many limbs stretched out like arms.

Take a right on a minor path before the tree mentioned above and head down hill.

Look for a low climbing tree off the path on your left and turn so the tree is behind you.

Walk seven paces off the trail and you should find an ivy-covered stump with a hole facing the dam.

That's where you will find the FH6 letterbox