Joe Stilts  LbNA # 6644 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 3 2003
CountyNew Haven
LocationNew Haven, CT
Found By RIFamily
Last Found Sep 8 2007
Hike Distance?

Joe Stilts is a 17-year-old boy from Plymouth, MA. He loves exploring the coastline. One time he went to a park with his Aunt Virginia Fickles. She had brought him to the lighthouse at Backpack Park. She told him “meet me back here in 2 hours so I can pick you up.” He left his aunt with his notebook and pencil and his watch. As he was exploring, he noticed that fog was coming in. In minutes, the park was covered in thick fog. Joe freaked out. As he looked around, he noticed a light. Was it an angel? No, it was the lighthouse. He followed the light and ended up back in the arms of his aunt. Ever since, Joe has loved lighthouses. They were even better than basketball.

Later in the year Joe’s Aunt old him about a school that studies things on the water. Joe was excited to learn about this school. One day his aunt brought him to this school. He got out of his aunt’s car. Immediately he saw the water. He took out his compass and measured a heading of 150o. He ran towards the docks and looked towards the water. He looked 160oand noticed a lighthouse. He was so excited. Then he headed 50otowards the end of the deck. Then he headed toward the little house in between the buildings. He tried to look 160 degrees but he couldn’t get a good view of the lighthouse. He headed 90 degrees. Underneath the stilt building he looked 160 degrees and saw the lighthouse. He was so excited and wanted to tell his Aunt. He decided to walk toward the old boats and trailers 60 degrees from the rocks he was standing on. He then headed 320 degrees towards the street. He stayed close to the building and examined every thing in storage. As he was under the stairs behind the dumpster, he noticed a shelf. Joe had a strange feeling. He stood on the orange barrel and reached up. He found a plastic box. Inside were a notepad, a pen, and a stamp. Joe glanced at the stamp, he freaked out. It was a lighthouse stamp. He signed the notepad and forced himself to put the stamp back. He put the box back. Then he headed towards the street and took a left. He found his Aunt and he told her about the stamp and the lighthouse. He knew it was some kind of a sign that meant that the Sound School was right for him.