I Love (Letter) Boxes in the Woods  LbNA # 66451

Placed DateJan 26 2014
LocationIllinois Bayou Park, Russellville, AR
Planted ByOld River Runner    
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I Love (Letter) Boxes in the Woods

Go to the Illinois Bayou Park in Russellville, and park in the main parking lot.

1. From the parking area, walk south toward the entrance of the parking area.

2. Look for a large green sign that gives the name of the park.

3. From that sign, head west along the pavement until you reach a concrete culvert under the road, on your left. The culvert has the number 110607 etched on the top of it.

4. Continue westward from that point along the road approximately 60 steps.

5. Then turn to your left and head downhill straight toward the lake approximately 70 steps.

6. When you get to about 15 feet from the shoreline, you will be at or see a large rock ledge running parallel to the shoreline.

7. Turn to your right and follow that rock ledge until you reach a rock slab leaning against the ledge.

8. Check under that rock slab for the letterbox!

This letterbox has been placed with the permission of

the Russellville Recreation and Parks Department.