Flowers of the Desert 2014  LbNA # 66470

OwnerDesert Flower    
Placed DateFeb 5 2014
Location11545 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ
Found By Baqash
Last Found Jan 10 2016
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedNov 24 2015

Walk difficulty: Easy
Distance: 3/4 mi RT
Stamp: hand-carved
Status: Alive and well on February 13, 2014

Driving directions:
From Ina and Oracle Road (AZ 77), drive north on Oracle to the traffic light at the entrance to Catalina State Park and Oro Valley Marketplace. Turn left into the Oro Valley Marketplace and take the first left turn (heading towards In N Out Burger). Park in the dirt lot across from the four-sail ramada.

From the four-sail ramada walk south down the dirt path, to the left of the paved path.

In a short distance you will see a prone telephone pole on the left. From the north end of the pole go at 50 degrees for 6 steps to a pile of concrete debris. The box is under the largest chunk, under the south edge, behind smaller concrete chunks and rocks with small branches scattered on top.

Continue south on the dirt path to the vertical telephone pole. From the east side of the pole go at 120 degrees for 15 steps, stepping over the prone pole to the concrete debris pile. The box is under the NE lip of the large chunk, behind smaller pieces of concrete.

Continue south on dirt path to paved path, crossing the Canyon Del Oro walking bridge. At the right arrow turn left, walk 40 steps to break in pavement.
Sight at 120 degrees and walk 18 steps down slope.
Look right at base of dead shrub under 2 rocks and debris.

Please be sure the contents are double-zip locked when you put them back in the box (ie- the stamp is in a ziplock, the book is in a ziplock, and the two are in the larger ziplock bag). Please put the lid on tight. Please reside the box well, just as you found it or better! Make sure it cannot be seen from any direction.

Contact me if the box needs attention:

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