Oro Series  LbNA # 66476

Placed DateFeb 8 2014
LocationCanada del Oro Riverfront Park, Oro Valley, AZ
Found By Kurious Jo
Last Found Jan 18 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 18 2016

Trail difficulty: easy, mostly flat dirt trails.
Stamp hand-carved
Status: alive and well on January 18, 2016

This series is placed along the Cañada del Oro in Oro Valley. Oro is the Spanish word for gold.

Go to the Canada del Oro Riverfront Park, 551 W. Lambert Lane, Oro Valley, AZ. Park in the southern part of the lot.

Gold Mining

From Bighorn Ramada, walk southeast. Continue through the zig zag opening in the fence. Continue slightly south southeast, crossing two dirt trails, to a large sprawling Mesquite Tree. The box is under the outer edge of the southeast side of the tree under a piece of concrete.

Olympic Gold

Head northeast along the dirt trail that is on the north side of the Mesquite keeping to the right of the fence. From the “Caution Natural Wash …” sign, go at about 65 degrees (from mag. north) for about 45 steps to a medium size bushy tree. The box is under the outer edge of the east side of the tree under a flat brick.


Continue east on the trail. At “Y” (rock cairn there), go right on narrower trail, up and over and down a berm, and into the wash. After crossing a patch of white loose soft sand, continue for about 10 more steps. Turn left and go up on a berm (or low ridge) on a faint social trail walking for about 74 steps. Turn right and go about 11 steps to two rusty pipes. The box is under the “X” under a flat rock covered with some twigs.

For all the boxes, please please be sure the contents are double ziplocked when you put them back in the box (i.e. the stamp is in a ziploc, the book is in a ziploc, and the two are in the larger ziploc bag), and put all of it INSIDE the box. Please place the lid on tight. Please rehide the boxes well under the rocks and covered with some twigs and plant debris so that they can not be seen from any direction.

These letterboxes were placed for the 10th Annual Tucson Letterboxers Gathering.

Please let me know if the box needs attention or is missing:


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