Loot  LbNA # 66532

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateFeb 22 2014
LocationBarton Creek Greenbelt, Gus Fruh Trailhead, Austin, TX
Found By Silver Eagle
Last Found Sep 20 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 22 2015

Park along the street near 2642 Barton Hills Drive. Start at the Gus Frush trailhead. Right away you will pass a picnic table on your right. Head down the gravel path. At the first intersection, veer right. Descend the switchback trail down towards the creekbed. At the trail that runs parallel to the creek, take a right.

After you enter the woods you will see a large leaning slab on your right, about 8 steps off the trail. Look for the triangle where three planes intersect. This is where you will find "Windrose" beneath smaller rocks.

Keep going along the trail until you pass through a natural stone "gate" formed by two vertical boulders on either side of the trail. Walk 8 more steps and look right to a tri-trunk tree 10 steps uphill off the trail. Head to the backside of this tree and look beneath the point of the largest boulder. Here you will find "Spyglass" under some rocks.

Get back on the trail and go another 210 steps to a footpath leading up to a cave. Walk to the large tree that stands proud of the center of the cave mouth. It will be off the footpath to your left before you reach the cave. There is a pile of rocks on the uphill side of the trunk. Buried in this pile of rocks is "Marooned".

Hit the main trail again and keep walking until a vertical limestone face rises along your right. Walk along the face until you come to the first small hackberry tree growing from its base. Look between the trunk and the wall for "Fire in the Hole" which is wedged under the ledge.

Keep following that wall for another 45 steps until it turns back to the right away from the trail. There is a double trunked tree in the corner where the wall makes its turn. Next to it is a tree arching almost horizontally. Look near its roots for "Bilge Rat" in the crook of the stone wall.