Postcards from the Edge GC4YG06  LbNA # 66536

Placed DateFeb 25 2014
CountyOther International
LocationTorquay, Victoria, Australia, INT
Found By ThePacman
Last Found Feb 25 2014
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Postcards from the Edge GC4YG06

Start at the Anzac Memorial at Point Danger in Torquay (Victoria, Australia).

Head south to where the wind does blow,
To Tasmania you do not have to go;
Just 20 metres done with ease,
Now enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

You'll have to take the steps down,
But at the fork do not frown;
While left or right may not be clear,
Make the right choice and you'll get near.

You may see birds flying high,
The beach, the sea and a blue sky;
Walk on to where the steps end,
Right there you'll find your stamping friend.