Poohsticks  LbNA # 66583

Placed DateMar 8 2014
LocationWinding River Park, Toms River, NJ
Last Found Aug 31 2015
Hike Distance?

When my daughter was young our family enjoyed reading the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. We often visited Winding River Park and would indulge in a game of Poohsticks whenever we crossed over the river on the bridge. This box will take you on the quickest route to the bridge, but if you already know how to find it, feel free to come from any of the park’s entrances.

First, you need to find the pedestrian entrance to the park at the intersections of Sun Valley Road and Cadillac Drive. There’s no parking lot here, but street parking is never a problem. Walk into the park on the paved path (it’s actually crushed stone for a little bit at first) and follow it to the open field. At the fork, bear left to cross the open field. As the path enters back into the trees, you’ll see the bridge right ahead of you.

Once you’ve reached the bridge, turn your back on it for now and take 38 paces at 240° to a tall pine tree just to the right of the paved path. From the tree, take 24 paces at 280°. This will take you to a sort of path through some brambles. Right in front of you will be some fallen tree limbs. Underneath these limbs, hidden by smaller branches and leaves, is the box you’re looking for. In addition to the stamp and log book, we’ve included a small copy of the A. A. Milne story illustrated by E. H. Shepard. Once you’ve enjoyed the box, head over to the bridge to play your own game of Poohsticks!

If you continue over the bridge on this path, you’ll come to a small pond that’s the home to some turtles. Continuing farther, you’ll get a nice walk through the woods that leads to an even larger pond that usually has ducks in it.


1) Please keep a sharp eye out for muggles. As the box is just off the open field, you may have to wait a while to collect and retrieve it when no eyes are on you. Also, please be sure to re-hide with enough sticks & leaves to keep the box hidden.

2) As with any woodsy spot in Ocean or Monmouth counties, this park is an area of tick infestation. Be sure to do a thorough search for the nasty critters on your pants/socks once you head back to the path. And be sure to check yourself all over once you’re home.