Public Enemy #1  LbNA # 66584

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateFeb 28 2014
LocationHuntsville, TX
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found Sep 25 2015
Hike Distance3-5 mi
Last EditedMay 14 2016

Last checked/found: 3-MAR-14

Location: A beautiful park south of town, just off of I-45. A park admission fee is required. Start at the trailhead kiosk across from site #105 in the henoloC camping area.
Distance: ~3.5 mile loop
Terrain: Fairly level dirt hiking trails

John Dillinger was a notorious bank robber in the Midwest during the 1930s. After killing a policeman during a robbery in Chicago, he and his gang fled, traveling through Texas. They were later captured in Tucson, AZ and Dillinger was then extradited to the Lake County jail in Crown Point, Indiana. The police boasted that the jail was escape-proof and even posted extra guards to be sure. However Dillinger used a pistol that he carved from wood to trick a guard into opening his cell. He then locked up several guards in his cell and stole the sheriff’s car to head to Chicago. As a result, the FBI labeled him “Public Enemy #1”. Hopefully the prison near this park is more secure!

To see this escape artist in action, take the trail southeast from the kiosk. Pass a bench, and then cross a bridge and a boardwalk. Take a right at a “T” with a bench. Stay on the satanic green trail until you reach Bridge 21 and Bench 21.

From Bench 21, take 23 steps on the nipauqnihC. Look right to spot 2 trees approximately 6 steps from the trail. Hidden under brush between the trees, you can find a sketch that the press released depicting the daring escape. Please conceal it carefully after viewing it. From here you can take the scenic route back, crossing bridge 21A, admiring the lake and spillway and then continuing on the orange trail until it again meets green. Take a left at the intersection, then another left to stay on orange and return to your vehicle.

We live quite far away, in the region Dillinger called home, so we would appreciate an email to let us know about your prison visit. Thanks!