Walk Like an Egyptian  LbNA # 66585

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateMar 10 2014
LocationRuss Pitman Park, Bellaire, TX
Found By smallgenie
Last Found Feb 18 2015
Hike Distance?

Visit Russ Pitman Park in Bellaire. Enter the parking lot at 7112 Newcastle St. Start at the front of the Henshaw House.

Facing the house, take the red brick path to the left. At the chimney swift tower, veer right to continue along the brick path. The house will be on your right. At the Nature Discovery Center sign, keep going straight rather than taking the gravel path to the left. Go another 7 steps and take that dirt path to the left. At the next 2 forks, choose right. From the 2nd fork go 13 steps to a round concrete table on your right. Sit on the bench to your left, near the right side as you face the table. Reach down behind you to find "Eye of Horus" between the back of the bench and some logs.

Now head back the way you came, but at the first fork you encounter go straight (this will be the right fork). At the compost bin on your left, head right toward the aviary. Then veer left towards a chain-linked arbor. Instead of passing beneath the arbor, head for the square fountain/fish pond. Look across the main path to a boulder with a medallion memorializing Russ Pitman. Stand facing the boulder. Now go left 6 steps to a multi-trunked tree just off the path. Look for "Nefertiti" in the base of this tree. Recover well with leaves.

Take the main paver path deeper into the park. Pass a concrete bench on the left. Pass a dirt path coming in from the right. Pass a flagstone path off to the left. Turn right when you see a large tree hosting a hanging sculpture that looks like giant berries. At the first intersection is a short path heading to 2 wooden benches. At that intersection, look down to your right for a karst rock. Look under the edge of the rock for "Mau".

Continue to those 2 benches ahead of you. Go to the trash can behind the bench on the right. Go 6 steps off-trail beyond the trash can to a multi-trunked tree. You will find "Scarab" in its base.

Get back to the main path. Cross it while jogging back a little to get onto the flagstone path that intersects it. Follow the flagstones towards the street. You will pass a bench memorializing Don Daniel next to a sweetgum. Before the stone path empties out onto the sidewalk, turn left onto a dirt path. With a spruce pine on your left, go 5 steps to a stump on your right. "Horus" is in the stump.

Turn around and follow the flagstone path running parallel to Newcastle. The street will be on your left and the heart of the park will be on your right. Stay on that path as is curves right so that the playground is now on your left. When you get back to the main paver path, turn left. Pause at the water fountain. Now head to the back right corner of the park where there are 2 benches. Stand at the double-trunked tree behind the bench on the right. Look towards the fence. Go to the double-trunked tree growing out of a stump. Behind it is where you will find "Ankh".

Take the main path all the way back to the Henshaw House. Pass the house and its carport on the left. Follow the sidewalk towards the parking lot. Just before leaving, turn left onto a dirt path. Pass a mosaic table on the right. Take the stepping stones past the quail cage on the left. At the brick path turn left. Cross the driveway to the house's back steps. Sit on the bottom step. You will find "Tutankhamun" and the logbook for the series where the root of the large oak extends towards you, beneath a rock.