Blow Fly  LbNA # 66647

OwnerCreeping Death    
Placed DateMar 22 2014
Location1201 Washington Ave, Gulfport, MS
Found By DolphinGirls
Last Found Nov 15 2014
Hike Distance?

If you are going to retrieve this box
I highly recommend coming here for lunch or an early dinner
This restaurant has great food and it's very popular with the locals
Get the box first before going inside the restaurant

Blow Fly Inn
Parking Lot
Face the restaurant
To your left is an empty lot
Walk thru the open gate area
Not to the right where you see water
Walk to your left
Pass the fallen wall
On the right is an abandoned house
Enter at your own risk - spooky
Stay on right side go to the back
Where there was a back wall
Look to your left at the corner
Inside the hollow concrete block
Stacked are some pieces of concrete
Lift these 3 pieces and on the ledge
Inside is the 3x3 box