Hamma Hamma Cabin  LbNA # 66659

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Placed DateMar 26 2014
LocationHamma Hamma Campground, ???, WA
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To find the Hamma Hamma campground drive 14 miles north of Hoodsport, WA (on the Olympic Peninsula) and turn left on Hamma Hamma River Rd. aka Forest Road 25. The campground is 6 miles up this road on the left. Turn in and find the trailhead parking. Take a look at the interpretive sign telling about the history of the CCC during the Great Depression and how Pres. Roosevelt put lots of men to work building all kinds of cool things. The Hamma Hamma cabin is but one of those cool things they built. We stayed 3 nights in the cabin over spring break and decided to place a letterbox nearby.
There is a beautiful 1.5 mile loop trail that takes you past the cabin, but you don't need to walk the whole thing to find our letterbox.

From the interpretive sign, head to the left following the trail with the river on your right. In a short distance you will come to fine bench overlooking the river. Sit and enjoy all the sights and sounds. To find the box, you will be retracing your steps. From the end of the footbridge closest to the bench, start counting steps. It will take the average sized person 45 steps to get to a “J” shaped tree snag on their left. Reach in at the base to find our letterbox. It is hidden under a lot of tree matter, lichen and bark. Please be sure to re-hide well, as this is a popular trail in summer and it is really close to the trail.

Now, finish the loop trail! It won't disappoint.