Mrs. B's Daisies 40669  LbNA # 66663

OwnerDaisy Scouts 40669    
Placed DateMar 30 2014
LocationWoodland Park, Wellsboro, PA
Found By Dandelion Wish
Last Found May 3 2015
Hike Distance?

On East Ave before you reach a store with the name of a nut
take a turn to take you to a place of play. past where you can picnic. on the right park where it says NO. start your
walk, past where the water falls. at the Y in the path keep
walking up. walk past where the giant wood has come down. at the next Y go left and follow the path. isn't the wood stand of 6 on your right cool? keep walking the path until you see a giant of steel. take a right turn down a path. just a short way until you see yellow and green. take a rest on the rock and look behind your back. beyond some leaves you will find what you seek. please leave your stamp or message and take only one of the treasures inside. Happy hunting!