Squidward - Retired  LbNA # 66689 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 5 2014
LocationChildren’s Playscape Park, San Marcos, TX
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The playground is constructed of wood and it resembles a fort with stairs and bridges. Squidward thought he'd fit right in here.

Park is located at: 205 South C M Allen Parkway. Park in the parking lot and walk the gravel trail that circles the playground and walk along CM Allen Parkway. When you get to the RR tracks turn around. Making sure you are alone in the area, go back to the third tree on the left along the trial. It has huge roots and one of them is hollow. Be careful sticking your had in to get the box. There is broken glass near it! It is too large to lift out the hole in the top of the root. It must pass through the root back toward the gravel trail. Please take the stamp off aways to process and return it with care.